The Greatest Music Video of 2018 Has Landed

What do you get when you mix Ron Jeremy, a Roland TR-808, lashings of candy apple red lamé and a single rose? Why, you get Donny Benét, of course.

It’s only April, but we’re calling it early: this music video from the one-and-only Mr. Benét, Sydney’s premier adult entertainer (well, he’s an adult who entertains), is the best thing we’ve seen since his friend Kirin J Callinan danced around naked in Cuba last year, and is our number one pick for 2018.

donny benet standing

With his strictly ’80s persona, Love Online is the first music video to land from his latest album, “The Don”. It’s a not-so-subtle take on dating in the digital age, through the eyes of an irresistible insatiable lover, who boasts more glitter on his outfits that Mariah Carey’s had in her entire cinematic career, and more uncomfortable looks to-camera than than, well, any of his past film clips. There’s also a pretty sexy spa scene, and a well-employed selfie stick.

Everybody needs a little dose of sleazy, cheesy nostalgia once in a while, and this delivers it in bucketloads. Given that it’s TSFW (techinically safe for work), go fullscreen, turn up your speakers and learn to love with The Don. You won’t regret it.

Donny Benét 

donny benet sitting

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