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This Month In Music – March 2020

It’s only mid-March but we’ve already had so much incredible music pleasure our ears thus far, so it’s got me thinking that 2020 is going to be a huge year for great new music. This month I have a mixed bag of styles, genres and sounds for you all to enjoy, just be sure to turn the volume all the way up for “This Month In Music” with Acid Stag

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Flume – The Difference (feat. Toro y Moi)

This one dropped last Friday and my brain nearly exploded.

Flume has teamed up with one of my favourite artists of all time, Toro y Moi, for a track called ‘The Difference’ and holy cow is it cool. At only 2:19 minutes long it is a bit short for my liking, but the quality more than makes up for that – and besides, you can just flick the “repeat” button to make it as long as you want it to be!

“We made this song between a day at my place in LA and and a day at Chaz’s spot in Oakland. This was our first time working together, I’ve been a Toro Y Moi fan for a while. His song Talamak is a longtime favorite. I listened to that one a lot when I first started Flume as a project.” – Flume

daste. – ‘About Us’

daste. are a relatively new trio from the Gold Coast who make smooth lo-fi/alt-R&B music that has been likened to a mix between Parcels, Tora and Two Another. This month they gave us a silky smooth new treat called ‘About Us’ which also came with news of their upcoming second ep “Same As It Ever Was” – I reckon we should all be keeping a very close eye on these guys (stream via other platforms)

Caribou – Suddenly (LP)

Another of my all-time favourite artists, Caribou, dropped a new album this month called “Suddenly” which had me hooked halfway through the opening track, but then it just kept getting better and better, and by the time the twelfth song was done I was overwhelmed with appreciation for this amazing collection.

“I’m so excited for you to hear my new album in full. Sorry, it’s taken me so long – I hope you think it’s worth the wait!” – Caribou (via Facebook)

It was most certainly worth the wait Caribou. You’ve done it again and I thank you!  (stream via other platforms)

cln – ‘Broken Glass’

Australian producer/artist cln gave us an incredible debut album just a few months ago called “Dawn Chorus”, and he’s kicking off the new year with this amazing chill-trap/future-beat release called ‘Broken Glass’, and as cln describes below the song has strong and quite topical message…

“Broken glass is a reference to something that is shattered and cannot be restored. This song was written in response to the current state of the climate, particularly the bushfires that we are currently experiencing in Australia. It’s saddening to see politicians tiptoe around climate change issues and focus on financial gain at the expense of everything else. As a result, our climate is suffering and has been damaged in irreparable ways. We need to make significant changes as soon as possible – once our fauna and flora are gone, we can’t get them back.” – cln (stream via other platforms)

TOKiMONSTA – One Day (feat. Bibi Bourelly and Jean Deaux)

TOKiMONSTA continues the anticipation build for her new album with its next preview ‘One Day’, featuring the amazing vocal work of Bibi Bourelly and Jean Deaux, it also comes with yet another very cool and colourful music video that is sure to stroke the visual senses just nicely.

“Buried deep inside us is the will to overcome the most difficult hardships. As women, Bibi Bourelly, Jean Deaux, and I know how strong you have to be to push forward when no one believes in you. ‘One Day’ is dedicated to every person of every creed feeling life’s hardships, but not losing themselves to it. Our drive and our determination will guide us to the faint light at the end of the tunnel.” – TOKiMONSTA 

Yuksek – ‘NOSSO RITMO’ (LP)

French disco/house lord YUKSEK dropped a new album this month called ‘NOSSO RITMO’ that has been on high rotation over here ever since. It is a very generous 15-track collection of disco-inspired greatness that is the perfect soundtrack for your summer pool parties.

There are also a few cool collaborations in there with the likes of Confidence Man, Fatnotronic, Zombie Zombie, Juveniles and the Breakbot, so you best get your dance-pants on. (stream via other platforms)

Rudimental – Krazy (feat. Afronaut Zu)

UK dance crew Rudimental gave us a new track called ‘Krazy’ which features the soulful vocal work of Afronaut Zu, sitting amidst this awesomely funky, disco-inspired groove of a tune that clearly demonstrates the depth of Rudimental’s musical artillery.

Thumping percussion, vibrant synths and a damn funky beat – this one is too easy to bounce around to!

SLUMBERJACK – ‘Black & Blue’ (EP)

Australian duo SLUMBERJACK have given us their highly antiquated ep ‘Black & Blue’ as they showcase an easy four-track collection of their trap-dance sound & style that they’ve made themselves known for. There are a few cool collaborations in there with the likes of Mothica, FOMO, Daktyl and MOONZz, and it’s all been inspired from their current Los Angeles surroundings.

“The Black & Blue EP is the first real ‘LA’ record we’ve released – every song came from a unique experience in the city, whether it was through working with our friends as co-collaborators (‘Black & Blue’, ‘Crucified’, ‘Hades’) or just being inspired by the grittier, almost cyberpunk surrounds (‘NORF’).” – SLUMBERJACK (stream via other platforms)

Porter Robinson – ‘Something Comforting’

Last month we gave you the first track from Porter Robinson in almost 6 years, which also came with news of a brand-new album called “Nurture” that would be coming our way very soon, and this month we have another preview of that album to share with you called ‘Something Comforting’.

“I was trying for hundreds of hours a week to make something new…and trying so many new ideas, and just feeling unhappy with everything, feeling really, really critical of everything that I was doing, and just feeling like nothing was good enough, and just at the absolute creative low point. And I was really beginning to question whether or not I would ever be able to make music again. And that was a very scary thought to me.” – Porter Robinson (stream via other platforms)

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