This Month In Music – October 2019

When the Man of Many crew asked me to help out with their monthly music series, I thought that with all of the music that I already filter through and share each day via Acid Stag, this would be an easy task, but I was so wrong. Having to choose only a select few releases to showcase has proven to be quite difficult, but I did manage to cull a very long list of possibilities down to a handful of just 10 for you to top up your playlists with.

I hope you enjoy these selections as much as I do!

cln – “Dawn Chorus” (LP)

After four impressive lead-singles and months of teasing us with the news of his impending debut album, Australian artist cln has finally delivered “Dawn Chorus”, a stunning 10-track collection of beautifully soothing electronica that’s infused with elements of downtempo, pop and R&B flavours. This album took my breath away and it’s become my latest “go-to” album that just seems to work for almost every situation.

Cerrone – ‘The Impact’ (feat. Jane Goodall)

Just last week the legendary French disco/dance producer Cerrone announced he will be releasing a brand-new new album in 2020 called “DNA”, while also giving us its first and very topical offering, ‘The Impact’.

As the title suggests the song tackles the topic of climate change awareness, and it also features a few vocal samples of the infamous primatologist and anthropologist, Jane Goodall, and if that wasn’t enough to get you going it also comes with a gripping visual accompaniment which takes us on a journey across the globe as we see some of the planet’s incredible beauty amidst some not-so-beautiful images of our impact.

“Every single day we make some impact on the planet. We haven’t inherited this planet from our parents, we’ve borrowed it from our children. If we get together, then we can start to heal some of the scars that we’ve inflicted.” – Jane Goodall

Flume – Rushing Back (feat. Vera Blue)

This month Flume dropped a HUGE new single called ‘Rushing Back’ which features the gorgeous voice of fellow Australian artist Vera Blue, and if this song doesn’t win a butt-load of awards this year then I will be very surprised.

I saw a live performance video of this song the other day and it really made me regret not catching one of his Australian shows last month – he’ll be kicking off a European Tour later this month and I strongly recommend you go check him out if you get the chance.

Benji Lewis – ‘Fast Forward’

2019 has been a fairly productive year so far for Los Angeles-based artist Benji Lewis. He’s already given us three significantly successful stand-alone singles – ‘Ride’, ‘Is It Love’ & ‘Away’ – and his 2017 single ‘Drift’ hit 20 Million streams on Spotify just recently as well.

Lucky for us Benji is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon as he delivers his latest single ‘Fast Forward’ which also comes with a Chris Weigen directed music video and is just the first taste of his brand-new ep, “Here, Then And Now” which we can expect in early 2020.

Akurei – “September” (EP)

Over the last few months Australian artist Akurei has given us two impressive lead-singles, ‘Stockholm’ and ‘Hollow’, which singularly gained some significant attention from all around world and also built some decent anticipation for his impending sophomore ep, “September”.

That ep was released last week and I have had it on repeat ever since. Alongside the two lead-singles comes two previously unheard gems, ‘Quarter Tank Full’ and ‘Clockwork’, which round out this impeccable four-track collection of electronic/R&B/alt-pop goodness.

KUCKA – ‘Drowning’

Australian artist KUCKA came back to us this month with an amazing new single titled ‘Drowning’, which was built around some really intense imagery that she had when she started producing the track (with Flume at that);

“The textures we used made me think of someone lying just underneath the surface of a lake. I thought about my own life and times where I felt I was barely able to keep afloat and wanted to capture that feeling.” – KUCKA

Intense but also very awesome, and to mess with those senses even more there’s also this Dillon Howl directed music video of children playing what seems to be their own version of hide & seek.

Zimmer – Make It Happen (feat. Panama)

French producer Zimmer dropped his long-awaited debut album this month which has been getting a bit of a thrashing over here, and one of the stand-outs songs for me if this incredibly spacious track called ‘Make It Happen’ which features the voice of Australian artist Panama – and it’s just one of two collaborations with him on this album!

‘Make It Happen’ also comes with a Claire Palisser directed visual accompaniment that showcases the work of 3D Artist Pierre Magnol, and it works so well against Zimmer’s impeccable production and Panama’s brooding james Blake-esque vocals.

Close Counters – “Refractions” (EP)

Australian duo Close Counters released their brand-new “Refractions” ep just a few weeks back via The Kite String Tangle’s label, Exist Recordings, and I’ve be been giving this one a bit of a thrashing as well actually.

It features a four-track collection of their infectious soulful/disco/jazz/house electronica, and it is just the type of music you want to have on when you’re getting ready for big a night out or even those summer parties by pool.

Cassian – Magical (feat. Zolly)

Cassian is easily one of my favourite dance music producers, he just has this knack of nailing everything he sets out to do, and his latest single ‘Magical’ is no different. This one has quite an anthemic dance-house presence, and it’s highlighted perfectly by the voice of an unknown alias, Zolly, which after hearing you’ll know straight away that those raspy vocals belong to Crooked Colours front-man, Phil Slabber.

Hermitude – “Pollyanarchy” (LP)

Australian electro/hip-hop heavyweights Hermitude dropped a new album this month called “Pollyanarchy”, which has turned out to be a massive collaborative affair. They’ve teamed up with the likes of BJ The Chicago Kid, Bibi Bourelly, Electric Fields, Hoodlem, Haiku Hands, Vic Mensa plus a few others, and they sure have done a stellar job at creating this masterpiece. The album’s name is said to be “a celebration in finding the calm in the chaos, true to the journey of the making of this album.”

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