The Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster is Your Best Friend’s New Best Friend

“Say hello to my little friend!” Sorry, the new Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Blaster has brought out our inner Scarface. It very well may bring out yours, too. The nifty high-powered toy blasts tennis balls up to 50 feet in the air at the pull of a trigger. We can already see Rover craning his neck as the ball soars high over his head, his tongue wagging with feverish delight. Your throwing arm may never suffice after giving this baby a go.

the nerf dog tennis ball blaster

Touting a very Nerf-like design, the Tennis Ball Blaster is accordingly super easy to load. How easy you ask? Well, when a ball is on the ground you don’t even need to pick it up–just place the barrel over it and voila, you’re locked and loaded. For your convenience, there’s also an attachment under the barrel where you can keep a spare ball. As one might anticipate, the blaster is likewise effortless to fire. Simply pull back on the handle, load and shoot. That’s joined by adjustable power settings, allowing you to control the distance of each shot. There might be windows around, after all.

the nerf dog tennis ball new best friend

Each Nerf Dog Tennis Blaster Gift Set includes 4 balls. The gun is compatible with any ball of standard (or below standard) size. Take it to the backyard or the to the park and have a blast. Literally.

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