Never Fear, Optus, Neflix & Ricky Gervais are Here

It’s official. Australia has stepped out the dark ages and we finally have Netflix! Optus and Netflix have teamed up to offer us Aussies a wide range of new, classic and original movies and TV shows in HD and on demand.

To help spread the word, Optus have turned to the services of their newly appointed ambassador Ricky Gervais. Adored by many for his comedic genius, Gervais was so excited to be involved in the project that he made this video to express his enthusiasm:

When asked about what you can view on Netflix, the humble Gervais threw out a few suggestions:

What, you don’t love “Muppets Most Wanted”? Well, even if you don’t believe that Ricky Gervais’ work isn’t as great as he says it is, there’s a huge range of non-Gervais content in the Netflix library to keep everyone happy.

Delete those illegal torrent sites from your bookmarks folder, grab some microwave popcorn and let the binge watching sessions begin.

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