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Wild Turkey Goes Off-Grid with Boy and Bear in the Glenworth Valley

One of Australia’s top acts performing in an intimate setting surrounded by nature? Alright, alright, alright. Headlining artist Boy & Bear were joined (virtually) by creative director of the Wild Turkey Discovery Series, Matthew McConaughey for an exclusive gig set in the iconic Glenworth Valley last week, and we were there to catch it all. The small gig followed the long-awaited release of Boy and Bear’s newest single, Just to be Kind, and yes, we can confirm it was ridiculously good. Gloating aside, there was method to the madness.

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Wild Turkey creative director, Matthew McConaughey | Image: Wild Turkey

In the weeks prior to the event, McConaughey released a series of cryptic poems and elaborate hints, crafted and posted on @WildTurkeyAu, encouraging fans to tap into their sense of discovery. A bourbon lover himself, McConaughey toasted the lucky attendees on the day of the event, appearing virtually and praising them for “trusting their spirit” to get there. The next logical step in McConaughey’s work with the classic bourbon brand, the intimate off-grid gig was designed to take fans behind the scenes and away from the hustle and bustle of modern life, giving them just a few hours respite from the rigmarole of the urban grind.

“If the last few years have taught us anything, life can be unpredictable,” McConaughey said. “What you can count on is trusting the power of nature and music; something the Aussie music greats Boy & Bear have done over their careers. Music has a way of helping us find our purpose and true selves. So tune out the noise of everyday life, and tune in to the music, the wilderness, and yourself.”

Wild turkey gig

Boy & Bear performing in the Glenmore Valley | Image: Wild Turkey

For Boy & Bear, the setting was a perfect marriage of scenery and sounds. The Aussie music legends took the stage, shaded by towering gumtrees, rolling hills and a tranquil Aussie bush setting nestled just an hour and a half north of Sydney. It’s more or less exactly what you imagine when you listen to Boy and Bear’s music, and we can’t think of a better way to spend a Thursday evening.

“The Discovery Series gig was a really special moment for us,” Boy & Bear said. “It’s not often that we get to perform in front of an intimate crowd. Not only were we able to connect with the audience, but the vast space meant that the acoustics sounded more earthy, and the view of Glenworth Valley was in clear sight. Playing outdoors in such a pristine location topped it off.”

“It was the embodiment of why we love music; it brings people together and what better way to celebrate the artistry of acoustic music than a gig amid the rolling hills of Glenworth Valley,” the band continued. “Between the sounds of the wilderness and the music, the crowd checked out of everyday life and tuned into that moment – it was incredibly special.”

The iconic band serenaded the crowd with all their classics, with favourites from their early career like ‘Southern Sun’ and ’Feeding Line’ promoting some good ol’ sing-a-longs, as well as a stunning acoustic version of their latest single, ‘Just To Be Kind’. And, for the cherry on top of a truly unforgettable evening, they capped things off with a meet and greet.

All in all, the gig encapsulated the spirit of discovery and music, reminding us what really matters in life. We love to see it.


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Boy & Bear performing in the Glenmore Valley | Image: Wild Turkey

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Boy & Bear performing in the Glenmore Valley | Image: Wild Turkey

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Boy & Bear performing in the Glenmore Valley | Image: Wild Turkey



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