Old School Gaming in the Modern Era with Polycade

Remember when you were a kid, and you hit the local arcade play a session of Galaga or Contra? Don’t worry, I can’t either. The biggest problem with the classic arcade machine is that they are pricey, rare to find, only plays a single game, and is a large chunk of metal you would have to dedicate a room to. Enter the Polycade. Created for the purpose of reliving the glory days without hassle, the Polycade is a home arcade machine designed so that you could mount in on your wall. . A third of the size of a normal arcade machine, it’s entertainment smaller than a pool table and just as fun. The setup is a throwback to the 80’s arcades, with two 8 way controllers for two player gameplay, and one 6 way controller. This is one of the few gaming devices that any generation of gamer could play. Most importantly, it has nearly 100 games and up to 30 gaming systems to emulate, so you can play all the classics that you know and love.

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the polycade retro arcade

polycade arcade console