Opposites Attract in Black and Colorful Wedding Design

They say that opposites attract. A wedding in Melbourne took that saying literally, creating a venue that distinctly defines what opposites are. The bride and groom—Ryan from Boom Studios and Von from Ivy Creative—used their talents as designers, printers, and artists to split the venue down the middle, with half being colorful and the other half being blacked out.

Black and Colourful Wedding Design

The wedding was completely devoid of white—the traditional color of weddings. Ryan’s wedding party took up the colorful side, which had splotches, splashes, and squares of every conceivable color (minus black). That half of the room is bright and lively. Even the table and the settings are decorated in color. The guests also got in on the theme, dressing up in different colors to complement the theme.

Black and Colourful Wedding Design

Von’s side was a stark opposite. Done entirely in black, the only contrast on this side of the venue was the tone-on-tone approach, where swirls of different shades of black were used to break up the monochromatic look. Here, too, the settings and chairs as well as the decorations—flowers included—were completely black. Von’s guests also dressed in black.

Black and Colourful Wedding Design table setting

The result is a wedding unlike any you’ve ever encountered. Ryan and Von crafted and sourced out the whole affair, using found objects, leftover materials, and whatever was available. Just like the theme was a little odd, some of those objects are different. You can pick out statues of rabbits and vinyl figures. Abstract art pieces are also noticeable. Candles in different hues help to set the ambiance. The approach matched the couple, showing their personalities. Ultimately, what you discover about the duo, aside from their apparent love for each other, is that despite the differences between the two, they make a pretty good team. Their opposite natures play well with each other, just as their decorations for the weddings created a memorable experience.

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