Our Top Ten Twitter Posts for 2018

Ahh Twitter, the bane of print media and traditional journalism. God, how we adore you.

In this wild and wacky online world that we live in, we saw Twitter take precedence as the G.O.A.T. social media. From Donald Trumps non-sensical one-am rants to Elon Musk’s top stock tips (always good when the CEO gives you the inside scoop), Twitter was our go-to place for procrastination, entertainment and a smattering of fake news.

At Man of Many we see Twitter a little differently. Not ones to look a gift horse in the mouth, we’ll only share our own content if it truly is the creme de la creme. That isn’t to say our feed get left idle. No, no, quite the opposite. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to trudge through all the muck and mahem that is out there in the Twittersphere and we promise only to retweet tip-top, highest quality of content to you lucky lot.

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But for now, we’ve come to you with our best posts for 2018. Have a little look and let us know what you think.

1. Seamless integration of design and functionality.

2. It’s for work mum, I promise.

3. If looks could kill.

4. And yes, they’ve confirmed a Breaking Bad movie.

5. An Aussie icon and conservationist legend.

6. More bang for your buck.

7. A V8 Defender… enough said.

8. The king of comedy is back.

9. A Christmas gift for the gamer in the family?

10. New York, New York.

Stay safe out there kiddos, Twitter’s the new Wild Wild West.

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