Pig Out With The Little Bacon Cookbook

Melbourne’s Jack Campbell, author of The Little Bacon Cookbook and self-proclaimed “baconophile”, truly understands the power of bacon. He understands that the mere smell of fresh cooked bacon in the morning is usually what unleashes the suppressed carnivore lurking within most moderate vegetarians. More importantly, he understands that bacon makes everything a heck of a lot better. Seriously. Everything.

To honour the delicious cured meat that’s a staple in virtually every corner of the western world, The Little Bacon Cookbook goes outside the box to find inventive ways to put a little more bacon in your life. There are recipes for snacks like bacon popcorn and bacon beer-nuts and then recipes for more robust fare like bacon meatballs and bacon-based pasta sauces. For dessert there’s bacon ice cream and caramelized bacon as well as baked goods incorporating…you guessed it: bacon.

The book includes 40 recipes in total, each one offering a novel and creative way to celebrate and explore the possibilities of bacon. To get those salivary glands pumping the book also features photos for every single recipe. Perhaps future editions will include a scratch-and-sniff though maybe that’s not a good idea since it could lead to the widespread digestion of paper as people try to eat the pages.

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