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PocketDrum is the Most Portable Drum Set Ever

Playing drums is an involved process. All that set up to be able to play means that you’re required to have a dedicated space to play. PocketDrum is a set of Bluetooth-enabled drumsticks that connect to an app and allow you to play the drums anytime anywhere.

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PocketDrum is both portable and noiseless. The drumsticks connect to the AeroBand and GarageBand app, allowing you to beat out a rhythm without disrupting those around you. You can learn the basics of rhythm or just jam out a set during a free minute. The drumsticks also have a vibrating response that closely mimics the feel of real drums, which couples with the lights to help you more fully master skills.

Through the AeroBand app, you have access to a crash cymbal, closed hi-hat, bass drum, snare, and high tom, with cowbell and cymbals in development. The sticks also pick up on how much force you’re hitting with as well as providing feedback based on the bounce of an actual drum. That information is then translated into vibrations in the stick and the appropriate sound in your headphones.

PocketDrum that can be play anywhere

The battery-operated sticks have enough life for 10 hours of continuous play on one charge. Combine it with the PocketGuitar, and you have a foot sensor that controls the kick/bass drum. PocketDrum comes with three modes—tutorial, free mode, and game mode—to help you increase your skills. Using PocketDrum is as simple as opening the app and powering on the sticks. Then connect the sticks to your app and hit the calibrate button.

The sticks will sense where you’re holding them and will set up a virtual drum set for you to play. With a 6ms latency, you’ll be hearing the sounds of the drum just as you play it with PocketDrum.

PocketDrum is available through Indiegogo for as little as $69.

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Featured Video from Man of Many

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