PornBurger Proves Just How Sexy Burgers Can Be

Burger perverts rejoice, for one of your more talented cohort has gone and made a book to satisfy all your food fantasies. Author and chef Matthew Ramsey proudly admits to being a burger pervert and has served up a book that will get even burger prudes salivating.

long testy healthy burger

Having long ago forsaken the idea of a healthy burger, Ramsey has indulged his every gluttonous burger desire, constructing a range of recipes for burgers that will make your stomach lust with a demanding grumble. For those of us not so talented in the kitchen, there are of course plenty of X rated burger photos in the book, but be warned, these will do nothing to quench your inevitable hunger at seeing them in their greasy glory. If all this wasn’t enough, some classic burger names like ‘Spamela Anderson’ are sure to keep you flicking page after page as your need for a burger reaches new heights.

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