Here Is a Rare Chance to Actually Own Elvis Presley’s .357 Revolver

Elvis Presley memorabilia is pretty hard to find. It isn’t every day that a .357 Revolver owned by The King of Rock and Roll comes up for sale. That is why we were very surprised to learn that the Rock Island Auction Company plans to auction off Elvis’s revolver during their premiere firearm auction in May.

elvis presley revolver leather case

This unique Smith & Wesson .357 stands out from the crowd. This .357 was custom engraved by the German Wilhelm Heym Company. They inlaid gold and silver into the ivory handle. The gun features a moose, mountain lion, puma, bear and bobcat on the body. It comes with a unique leather zipper case that says “Elvis” on the side. There is also a sweeping turquoise floral pattern with gemstones on the reverse.

elvis presley revolver leather case with zipperNot only is this gun unique in its design, but it also has an interesting history too. Its unique history makes this revolver even more valuable. The King of Rock and Roll purchased the firearm in 1970 from Kerr’s Sporting Goods in Beverly Hills, California. Elvis initially gave the revolver to Vice President Spiro Agnew in 1970. Agnew was investigated for tax fraud, bribery, extortion and conspiracy. Because of the investigation, Agnew was forced to return the gun to Elvis. Eventually, Elvis gave the revolver to the Shelby County Sheriff—Gene Barksdale. Sheriff Barksdale has kept the gun safe for the past several decades.

The lucky individual who purchases this one-of-a-kind revolver will also get the firearm registration document, which includes Elvis’s signature.

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