Ready for Battle – Battlefield 1

EA DICE recently released Battlefield 1 to high expectations and all indications show that the game truly delivers. The realistic multi-player first person shooter has received solid reviews across the board with plenty of reviewers going to great lengths to describe the game’s realism. Battlefield 1 is in fact so gritty and realistic that at least a few reviewers have wondered if the game harbours something akin to a conscience, showing nearly every death as something real and horrific that actually once happened. To plenty of others of course, the intensive storytelling, seamless game-play and hyper-realistic grunting of soon-to-be-dead soldiers as bayonets get crammed into their spines adds up to a smorgasbord of next-level immersion and hours of guaranteed adrenaline.

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For the latest Battlefield instalment, players are transported to one of the most violent wars on record: World War 1. Through a series of brutal campaigns and impressive vignettes, players join forces and assume the roles of various soldiers fighting the German regime against a backdrop of flying bullets, spine-tingling explosions and pointy steel. The game really puts you right in the action of historical events such as the Battle of Gallipolli or the Battle of Cambrai. Meanwhile you hop around from the first person perspective of groups like the notorious Harlem Hellfighters to pilots in the air to messenger boys on the ground depending on which part of the game you’re in.

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What gets emphasised time and again from reviewers and players alike is a top tier commitment to both multi-player and single-shooter action, open environments, storytelling and character. Battlefield 1 unrepentantly captures the horror of war, with each graphic and sound planting itself your brain and refusing to let go. As a gamer it’s practically your duty to give such a playable and painstakingly visual game a go. As to how you feel about it afterward–we’ll leave that up to you.

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