See Stunning Scarlette in Shoot with RektMag

Early mornings with Scarlette make impossible to get on with your day, especially when the blonde bombshell is wearing next to nothing. Appearing for RektMag, the London-based model lounges around on the bed, arching her back and pulling her hair, all while playing coy for photographer Alexander Haala. I doubt I’m the only one who thinks Scarlette needs to appear in all Adidas marketing campaigns from here on out.

stunning scarlette wearing black dress

Publication: RektMag
Photographer: Alexander Haala
Model: Scarlette

Check it out

stunning scarlette on the bed

stunning scarlette sitting on the bed

stunning scarlette sitting on bed hand on head

stunning scarlette sitting on bed wearing t shirt

stunning scarlette lying down in the bed

stunning scarlette caught her hair by hand

stunning scarlette short gold color hair

camera on the hand of stunning scarlette

stunning scarlette reading magazine

stunning scarlette reading the magazine lying on bed

stunning scarlette magazine lying on chest

stunning scarlette close her face by magazine

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