Serial Season 3: Your Daily Dose of Depravity

The saying goes ‘truth is often stranger than fiction’ and in the last couple years, we’ve indulged in a plethora these stranger than fiction true crime stories. Now, Serial, the creme de la creme of true crime podcasts, is back for a third season and we couldn’t be more excited.

In season one of Serial, journalist Sarah Koenig investigated the murder of Hai Min Lee and her boyfriend Adnan Syed’s conviction. Season two followed U.S. Soldier Bowe Bergdahl’s story of being captured by the Taliban. In season three we will see the Peabody Award-winning podcast shine a light on the judicial system in the United States. Each week we will hear the extraordinary stories of ordinary cases in Cleveland, Ohio, one courthouse at a time, told week by week.

The first two episodes of season three will be released on the 20th of September, with new episodes released every following Thursday. The new season seems to be an amalgamation of the best elements of the last two seasons with the visceral crime reporting of the first, blended with the ambition of the second. The combination will undoubtedly lead to a podcast that not only investigates individual criminal cases but, has the potential to allegorise and disrupt America’s entire criminal justice system.

The true crime trend all started with Netflix’s documentary series Making a Murderer, and more recently The Australian’s podcast The Teacher’s Pet.

It’s clear that everyone’s got some twisted fascination with a good ol’ murder story, so make sure to put Serial on your summer listening list, to get your weekly dose of depravity.

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