Sexting Just Got 3D with The Emojibator

Mama always said to eat your veggies or you won’t get curly hair, but she never said anything about curly toes.

sexting official emojibator

Here, the modern- day geniuses at Emojibator have turned the most currently relevant symbol of the phallus, the revered eggplant emoji (which has never actually been used to represent an eggplant, or any other nightshade, let’s be honest) into a palpable, pulsating, vibrating sex toy, complete with 10 settings.

emojibator favourite sex toy with cat

Ladies, rejoice, and click the link below to get your daily dose of veggies, jam packed with a healthy dose of vitamin D.

Fellas, think twice next time before shooting off that flippant emoji, it might just be all the inspiration she needs to cut you out of the picture completely.

Check It Out

eggplant emojibator personal massaging vibrator
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