Shinola x St. Pierre Know Their Bocce

When looking for a fun game with some healthy competition to play while enjoying a few beers, you can’t look past Bocce. St. Pierre Manufacturing has designed a tournament grade bocce set exclusively for Detroit brand Shinola. This set features the Shinola brand colours, four balls in cream, four in black and an orange jack.

Each ball is crafted from thermoset resin that’s an ideal material for precision roundness and balance. It’s the same material found in many tools and car parts. The laser engraved lightning bolt and Shinola designed line patterns are all part of set’s smooth aesthetic. Suited for 2 to 4 player competitions, the Shinola x St. Pierre bocce set comes packaged in a solid pinewood case that’s been stained in black matte.

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shinola  st. pierre bocce ball set

shinola  st. pierre bocce ball  box