Shot By Kern Book

If you follow VICE, you’ve probably seen the “Shot by Kern” (NSFW) video series, in which New York filmmaker, writer and photographer Richard Kern, goes on a photographic journey around the globe documenting his subjects in true Kern style. As a prominent figure in the 80’s NY East Village underground cultural explosion, Kern’s experimental style explores eroticism, sexuality and the female form. There’s a certain voyeuristic aura surrounding Kern’s art, as his photographs intimately convey the true charms, quirks and personalities of the his subjects.

The “Shot by Kern” book is a collection of 300 photos from Kern’s adventures during the VICE series and comes with an hour long video, shot and edited by Kern, with original music by Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore. Pre-order now for June 2013 release.

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