Is This the Sickest Thailand Travel Video You’ve Ever Seen?

So Giaro Giarratana, the director and maker behind this video, reached out to us to check it out. And we’re glad we did as we were gob-smacked across the face with sun-kissed skin, stunning models, beautiful sandy beaches and clear water. Needless to say,  the Thailand travel video (aka “A New Chapter”) is bound to draw a bevy of eligible males to the exotic country in search of thrills and adventure. While your mileage may vary, even a mere sample of what the video is throwing down will duly suffice.

If for some reason you don’t feel like watching the Thailand travel video, allow us to summarise. Against a backdrop of propulsive synth melodies and energised vocals, the camera follows Giarratana on various adventures. Most of the action takes him to the nearest beach or dirt trail. Featured throughout are glorious glimpses of pristine blue water, attractive women, and the occasional exotic animal.

Giaro Giarratana

For those who aren’t aware, Giarratana is a veritable social media influencer, who once chose freedom by quitting his office job and travelling to see the world. On his various excursions, he meets all sorts of new people and creates a treasure trove of great memories, throwing most of it up on his vlog or Instagram page. Even from a distance, we’re happy to be along for the journey.

As long as Giarratana keeps knocking out videos like this one, we’ll be following. After all, there are far worse things to watch in this world than stunning models and epic beaches. And if you think the Giaro Giarratana video was appetising, Alexander Tikhomirov has also got some videos that’ll undoubtedly get you excited. Like Giarratana, Tikhomirov makes a living by globe-trotting around the world, surrounding himself with beautiful people, and capturing it all on video. If you want to see what he’s up to, check out his work right here. Trigger warning: you might get jealous.

Of course, you can always pick up a camera and take a journey around the world yourself. Adventure will invariably find you. And should you be handy in the editing suite, you just might be able to make a living out of exploration. Then one day you can offer up your own sick Thailand travel video. Will it top Giarratana’s? Time will tell.

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