Slide in with the Woolsey Shuffleboard Table

Slide in with the Woolsey Shuffleboard Table
June 20, 2017 Man of Many

Slide in with the Woolsey Shuffleboard Table

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Shuffleboard is way more fun than pool, ping-pong and skeeball. It is a sport that you can play while holding your whisky. It doesn’t get better than that. That is why every basement needs a shuffleboard table. California artist and furniture maker Sean Woolsey has made shuffleboard dreams come true with a new table dedicated to the sport.

Although Woolsey is most known for his high-quality ping-pong tables, desks and coffee tables, he is a huge fan of shuffleboard. After toying with the idea of creating a table, he finally decided to take the plunge—designing the Woolsey Shuffleboard Table.

This table is just as well-designed as the rest of Woolsey’s work. Measuring just over 4.25 meters long and 78 cm high, the Woolsey Shuffleboard Table features two coats of a UV-resistant epoxy resin, a rift sawn white oak top and a steel frame with black walnut edges and legs.

Charcoal grey industrial felt lines the gutters. Levellers are hidden just under the table to keep it perfectly aligned for fair game play. The table comes with four white and four black pucks, table wax and a magnetic wall mount that holds the pucks conveniently out of sight when they are not being used.

Forget about a billiards table; the Woolsey Shuffleboard table would make a great addition to any man cave or game room—it will provide hours of fun your next guys night. Hopefully, you have a suitable location to house this awesomeness.

As each table it handcrafted by Woolsey and his team, the lead time is approximately six to nine weeks.

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