Australia’s New $25/mth HD Sports Streaming Service – Kayo Sports

Australians are many things, but in the top five (at least) defining traits is our unrelenting standing as a sporting nation. From backyard cricket to the ball of the century; nippers to Mick Fanning, we bloody love our sport.

And when we’re not playing it ourselves, we’re likely watching it. One problem that has endured since the first camera followed a moving ball, puck or runner, however, is how to watch it. With a bevy of codes and disciplines stretched across multiple viewing platforms, being a sports fan can mean getting out of bed at 3am to tune into a channel you’d normally never watch, head to a pub you’d normally never drink in, or tune into a dodgy radio while on the job, hoping nobody interrupts.

Well now, there’s a new player in town, and it’s about to answer the cries of millions who NEED their sports.

Offering both live streaming and on-demand viewing, Kayo is offering over 50 sports, including all the biggest Aussie sports, plus international games, on any computer, mobile device, tablet or TV, wherever there’s internet access.

There’s raft of options to personalise what you see, too, with clever metrics that’ll deliver more of what you want to see, right in front of you. There’s also a SplitView feature, allowing the most hardcore of sports fans to watch more than one match at a time, which even offers up a choice of camera angles from the same game.

Supercars? Footy? Big Bash? Your options with Kayo are endless to a point where it’s actually hard to decide on any one.

Oh, and there’s a handy no-spoilers setting, which hides any scores from view if you’re watching in your own sweet time, so you can enjoy the game without knowing the ending. And if your own sweet time is in short supply, use the Key Moments feature, to only show the spicy parts of the game, race or match.

Streaming is delivered in HD quality (of course), at a starting price of AUD$25 a month: a far sight better than other subscription services, and we think, considering just how much is being offered, a bargain.

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