Automating Our Sports: The Nissan Pitch-R Soccer Field Robot

Just a few short weeks ago, Real Madrid claimed yet another Champions League title over Liverpool, including a stupendous and magical mid-air strike by Gareth Bale. As impressive as that kick was, it wasn’t nearly the most unusual or atypical element of the match. For the first time in world football history, an automated bot was utilized to paint and stripe the field for play.

The Nissan Pitch-R Soccer Field Robot can perform its job in under twenty minutes and is more precise than any human and eliminates any possibility of user-error. Even in such a short runtime, the Pitch-R can effectively and accurately paint and line all the necessary pieces for the match, and do so in such a way that it can pass the intense and exhaustive pre-match inspection.

Equipped with eco-friendly and dissolvable paint, the Pitch-R Robot can work on multiple surfaces, including; grass, pavement, gravel, or turf. After a short period of terrain analysis the battery-laden robot begins its initiative and no matter the contest size or style, will accomplish its goal in close to twenty minutes.

With some football formats already using automated refereeing for penalty reviews or other elements, it was just a matter of time before the pre-match preparation was machine led as well. Maybe, in the near future, we can find a way to incorporate computer aided offsides calls, so that my club doesn’t get screwed out of a dozen calls each outing!

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