Butterfly Bluetooth Ping Pong Robot Adds Some Fury to Your Balls

What is the Butterfly Bluetooth Ping Pong Robot? This robot is the perfect coach and practice partner for your table tennis game. The Robot serves balls to you so that you can practice your return. It will have you mastering your skills and tactics, making you undefeatable on the table.

butterfly bluetooth ping pong robot

In design, the robot is very similar to a baseball pitching machine, only much smaller. It attaches to the edge of your ping pong table and is backed up by a net. The robot serves the ball and when you return it, the net catches the ball. The collected balls are pulled into the feeding tube, ready for the next serve. Up to 120 balls can be served per minute. The robot is controlled by the included tablet or any smartphone or table operating in iOS or Android.

butterfly bluetooth ping pong robot display

The robot can be programmed to change spin, speed, placement, and trajectory, and each ball will vary, thus more closely mimicking real game scenarios. There are also pre-saved exercises that were created by professional players and coaches. The app features videos that offering coaching tips on perfecting your game from table tennis athletes like Timo Boll.

butterfly amicus prime studio

Whether you’re looking for general mastery or needing to conquer a tricky shot, the robot will be your best-hidden weapon. Who knows, maybe the FBI will recruit you for your own Balls of Fury mission.

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