C300 Gun Metal Steel Irons Are Ready for a Shootout

It may not be the dusty streets of Dodge City, but a shootout is still a shootout, even if it’s happening on the fairways of your local golf course. Just like you shouldn’t bring a knife to a gun fight, for this particular shootout, you want to come properly equipped. Fortunately, Wilson Golf recently released their classic C300 forged irons in Gun Metal Black.

wilson c300 parts

Just like their chromed out siblings, the Gun Metal Steel Irons have the same forged carbon steel for that soft Power Holes along the toe and sole. Working in conjunction with the forged steel, the irons give you better feel and responsiveness while tacking on a few more yards to your distance, and better accuracy. The Power Holes work by reducing the amount of material meeting the ball, allowing the face to bend more at impact. The holes aren’t actually “holes,” though; rather they are filled with a special TE031 urethane. The design provides more flex and an enhanced sweet spot.

For the shaft of the Gun Metal Steels, Wilson is using the KBS Tour 105 shaft with Lamkin’s Crossline White grip. You can pick up a set from the four iron through the gap wedge for USD$1,000.

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c300 accuracy in power holes

gun metal stiff 4-pw