Clash 100 Tennis Racket by Wilson Steps into the Modern Age

Rackets first started being used in the 16th century, and while tennis has changed over the centuries, Wilson’s new Clash 100 Tennis Racket is adapting to how players play today. Wilson claims that the Clash 100 was engineered to bend with any swing style thanks to a pair of new technologies. The first is Wilson’s FreeFlex. The idea behind FreeFlex is to provide maximum ball pocketing and control through a proprietary carbon mapping construction. This feature allows the racket to bend both horizontally and vertically. The result is similar to that of a Lacrosse stick, where the ball sinks into the racket and strings, increasing dwell time and ball manipulation. StableSmart, the other technology used, has the purpose of adding high levels of stability and power through enhanced frame geometry. The 100 square inch head size, combined with the racket’s weight, give the player a better balance of power and control. The parallel drilling makes possible a more consistent yet forgiving string bed response.

3 Crush 100 Tennis Racket

“Over the last 20 years,” explains Michael Schaeffer, Global Product Line Manager for Performance Rackets at Wilson, “we know that the swing plane has changed with the introduction of polyester strings. Players play with a lot more spin and therefore swing a lot more vertically. So, with this new modern swing we felt there was this opportunity to really create a racket that bent in a different way.” That’s a big change since the 16th century, and the Clash is satisfying a new play style.

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