Convicts NYC and Blake Thornton Collaboration Video

Aussie surfer Blake Thornton wasn’t always going to become a pro-surfer, but a life in sports was inevitably on the cards. Having set his mind on a career as a footballer at an early age, he attended a specialty school to focus on the pig skin, laying his hopes and dreams on one day playing first division. These plans were unfortunately thwarted for Thornton after knee injuries stymied his progress as a player, and threatened severe arthritis within 10 years if he continued high-impact sports.

convicts nyc and blake thornton surfing board

Unfazed by the fact he probably wouldn’t be able to see through his football career, Blake turned to his second love: surfing. Having grown up on Sydney’s iconic Maroubra beach, he was already a weapon in the swell, but his determination and competitive nature saw him winning competitions before he could legally order a beer.

Convicts NYC, one of our favourite original content producers on the net, teamed up with Blake at his beloved Maroubra beach to shoot some epic footage and get the low down on one of Australia’s best surfers to keep an eye on in future comps.


convicts nyc and blake thornton in the ocean

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