This Crystal Ping-Pong Table Changes the Game

A Crystal Ping-Pong Table? Designed by Torino-based Adriano Design, a crystal ping-pong table is a far cry from the wobbly, corner-chipped, particle board fold-up table sitting pressed against the wall and in the corner ping-pong table in your garage. This table is a work of art, from its crystal-clear playing surface and supports, to its 24 karat gold plated hardware.

crystal ping pong table stand

The table is a part of the “Made in Italy” movement by Impatia. Davide and Gabriele Adriano, from Adriano Design, put the table together. The brother team has been recognized with many awards for their designs and even have their works on display in the Triennale Design Museum and the Chicago Atheneaum.

crystal ping pong glass

Given the weight of glass, this isn’t a table that you’ll be able to fold up and hide away. Rather, it’s going to be a permanent display in whatever room you put it in. But the beauty of the piece far outweighs any potential frustration at its lack of mobility.

crystal ping pong screw

Playing on the table may be an interesting experience. While the listing claims that the table will provide enough traction, you have to wonder if something as smooth as glass will have enough friction for you to spin the ball. Also, will the ball bounce harder against the glass, changing up your reaction. Finally, if you get the glass vibrating, will it resonate like crystal goblet? Adding in a musical tone to the play might make for an interesting challenge.

Check it out

crystal ping pong angled

crystal ping pong two side

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