Danny MacAskill Rips His BMX in a Gymnasium

Scottish trials cyclist Danny MacAskill is just looking for a good workout. In a new video from sponsor Red Bull Bike, MacAskill is shown putting his skills on showcase. MacAskill bypasses the weights and even avoids the cycling class, instead heading for the open gym. Using dumbbells, yoga balls, parallel bars, and even a vaulting horse, MacAskill pulls of tricks you have to see to believe. Not one to neglect cardio, Macaskill also uses a treadmill, performing wheelies and reverse wheelies while on the machine. The video is set to The Proclaimers’ hit, “I’m on My Way.”

This isn’t the first time that MacAskill has put his skills to the test for a video. Back in April 2009, he released a five-minute street trials. Flatmate Dave Sowerby filmed the video, and it wasn’t long before MacAskill’s skills caught the attention of the media. Later in 2009, MacAskill starred in a commercial for Scottish jobs website s1jobs.com. Red Bull Media House showcased MacAskill riding through locations in Scotland in a video from November 2010 titled “Way Back Home.” In 2011, MacAskill released videos in May and August, the latter of which was used in Mike Christie’s Channel 4 documentary “Concrete Circus.” MacAskill also used his skills in the feature length film “Premium Rush” in 2012.

Learning to do all those tricks hasn’t come easy, and MacAskill has had to pay the price. Since turning pro, MacAskill has accumulated a long list of injuries, including three broken collarbones, two broken feet, a torn meniscus, a torn disc in his back, and more sprains, strains, lacerations, and bruises than you can count. But none of that has slowed him down. MacAskill is always eager to get back on the bike, and that might be the most impressive part of any of his videos. Sure, his skills are awesome, but you can get a real sense of just how much he loves what he does, and that’s an enviable position to be in.

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