Flaunt Functionality with the Givenchy VR Glasses

The future is here. Elite fashion brand Givenchy crossed with Virtual Reality. A design that would allow you to experience both VR and AR simultaneously. Combining virtual and augmented reality increases the possibility of content consumption and enjoyment while staying stylish and fashionable from the outside looking in.

givenchy vr glasses silver

Korean design institution PDF HAUS has outdone themselves this time. In their mock-ups you can see the asymmetric form made of leather, metal, fluorescent plastic, and fabric is colored black, blue, red, and an impressive yellow. The mix-match of elements is consistent with what Givenchy has given us in terms of both materials and aesthetics in the past. This is similar to what we’ve seen with modern applications of the brand across all product lines.

black givenchy vr glasses

In the prototyping you can see that if the VR lens is raised, you can access the AR. This allows for endless applications in content, gaming, training, and much more.

It’s not long before more brands step into the VR and AR wearable area, we sure hope Givenchy hop onto this trend and take this design from imagination to reality.

Check it out

black givenchy vr glasses lens green

givenchy vr glasses flat

givenchy vr glasses different colors

givenchy vr glasses zooming system

givenchy vr glasses impressive yellow

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