Honma Beres Golf Clubs Define Premium Quality, Performance, and Status

Having the right tools for the job is imperative, that’s true, but the quality of those tools is also a major factor in your success. That’s definitely true on the golf course. The Honma Beres Golf Clubs recognize the need not only for the right clubs, but for the best quality clubs as well. Honma relies on master craftsmen to turn out golf clubs that reflect the best of tradition, but they also give those craftsmen the most advanced materials to satisfy the top of technology. That blend of tradition and technology ensures a premium performance.

Homma Golf clubs

For the past 54 years, Honma has been producing the best clubs available. With more than 100 craftsmen on staff, Honma is able to focus on each part of the production cycle—from polishing club head to exact specifications to hand-winding carbon fabric around the club’s iron core. Honma is so dedicated to quality, that they are looking at variations in the scale of 1/100th of a millimeter to ensure that each club plays consistently. The clubs are all made to order, and can be personalized with even pricier materials, such as platinum and 24-karat gold. At $75,000 for a set of 14 clubs, Honma doesn’t really walk in the same circles as a lot of other manufacturers. But then, when you show up on the course with a set of Honmas, you’ll be sending a very clear message to the competition.

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