Impatia Dresses Up Ping Pong with a Lungolinea Wood Edition Table

The days of ping pong tables being a plane green with white lines and chipped corners bisected by a chintzy net are gone forever. Impatia has debuted their Lungolinea Wood Edition of the classic basement and garage game. The table was designed by Adriano Design Studio out of Milan, Italy. The Impatia version uses a crystal glass playing surface supported by wood legs that have been cut and assembled into a stylish piece of furniture.


The legs are made of ash and then finished in walnut, for a warm, natural tone that shines through the transparent top. The hardware for the table is polished metal that is chrome plated, adding a distinguished look to the table. The net is also a work of art, being made out of Alcantara.

bolt on edge for ping pong table

The table isn’t light, which shouldn’t be surprising. It weighs 530 pounds. So don’t plan on moving it after it’s set up. But with something this sophisticated, you’ll want to keep it in the limelight. The table measures 108 inches by 60 inches by 30 inches. It comes with the net, four professional rackets, and six professional balls.

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ping pong table

wood stand for ping pong table