Killspencer Takes to the Court with Tennis Racket Backpack

Killspencer has been designing and producing “premium artifacts that reflect passion for materials and timeless craftsmanship” since 2009. They’re behind some of the coolest items you can imagine, and now they’ve turned their attention to the tennis court, creating a premium tennis racket backpack.

Killspencer racket backpack

The backpack is made to hold a single item—your tennis racket. The shape is exactly as you would expect it to be, perfectly sized to fit your cherished racket. The backpack is made from premium, full-grain leather with a quilted pattern and leather piping. The quilting is done by hand. The straps, which are foam padded, and the handles are also made of leather. The Riri sippers are Swiss made in antique silver and all the hardware for the backpack is military spec. While the outside is luxurious, the interior is just as plush. Lined with durable, IFAC class fire retardant and waterproof black nylon, the interior is also padded with foam. The backpack measures 13 inches long by 1 inch thick and 29 inches wide.

Killspencer Tennis Racket Backpack back view

You can’t carry much more than your tennis racket in the backpack, but it does come with a tennis ball holder. The ball holder measures 9.5 inches long by 3.5 inches thick and 9.75 inches wide. It’s large enough to hold three tennis ball cans. It, too, is made of premium, full grain leather and feature leather piping. The holder’s mesh lets you see what’s being carried. It can be attached and removed from the backpack using a Velcro loop.

Tennis Racket Backpack

While there’s no guarantee that the Killspencer Tennis Racket Backpack will improve your game, it “will elevate your daily travels to and from the court.” The quality is more than apparent, and you’ll be getting your money’s worth—all $1,050 of it.

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Killspencer Tennis Racket Backpack with balls

Killspencer Tennis Racket Backpack side view