Killspencer’s Golf Collection Gives Your Putter a Swanky Home

Happy Gilmore may have questioned whether a golf ball was too good to go to its home, but Killspencer certainly has different ideas for golf clubs. Based in California, the specialty shop has created finely crafted putter covers as a part of its expanded Athletics Collection.

putter's cover collection

Killspencer was founded in 2009 with the idea of designing and producing “premium artifacts that reflect our passion for materials and timeless craftsmanship.” Everything the company creates is rooted in the idea of performance and utility. The putter covers stay true to that commitment to being a premium product. There are three options—a quilted version, a black reflective version, and a simple leather version. Each is made of full-grain leather and is lined with faux fur and padding—a luxurious home for your putter. The line also includes a black scorecard cover made of bull hide leather. The scorecard cover sells for $110 and the putters range from $89 to $130.

dotted golf collection

The putter covers and scorecard cover are an addition to the Killspencer Athletics collection, which already includes a speed bag, football, soccer ball, baseball, 5-panel hat, and a baseball bat.

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