LeBron James I Believe Video Will Make You Believe

LeBron James is one of those unique individuals who has been able to achieve his wildest dreams—partially because of sheer, raw talent, but also through pure belief and determination. Nike’s latest Just Do It video, “LeBron James—I Believe,” takes a brief look at LeBron’s earliest moments. Using one of his first interviews, the video relays LeBron’s love of the game and the power of dreams. It also explores LeBron’s simple humility and his dedication to give his best.

Nike is a master at inspirational videos, which often pull the double duty of being commercials. It’s a brilliant marketing strategy. It’s also part of their mission and vision statement: “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.” Add on the tag line “If you have a body, you are an athlete” and you begin to see why providing inspirational videos like LeBron’s are part and parcel to Nike branding strategy.

But the video isn’t just a ploy to build up the company. It is genuinely a celebration of a rare individual. It’s also an invitation for each of us to do and be better. Take a minute—literally—and be inspired.

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