Line Sakana Rips through Powder with Pollard’s Directional Paradigm Shift Skis

The Pescado, dreamed up by Eric Pollard, came onto the mountain to wild acclaim, offering a new design and a unique ride. Advancing on that same origin, the all-new Line Sakana Skis continue that paradigm shift.

back view line sakana skis

The Sakana skis have a wide forebody that tapers down, using five different radiuses blended throughout the ski’s sidecut. Directional flex for more easily initiated turns combine with a knocked out tail for more power, stability, and high-speed control, giving you a larger variety of potential turn shapes. The tip and tail both lift away from the snow so that more of the skis’ contact comes from the centre of the ski, resulting in better lift in deep snow and a quicker engagement on hard pack. The unique swallowtail shape is where the secret in the variety of turn shapes comes into play. The Sakanas are lightweight, thanks to their blend of paulownia and maple wood in the core. Being 100 grams lighter reduces swing weight and tip bounce.

side view skis line sakana skis

The Line Sakana skis have pushed skiers to reconsider their own skis, and that is a good thing. The Sakanas have already been named Editor’s Choice of the Year by Powder Magazine and Freeskier Magazine. Maybe it’s time you shifted your own paradigm.

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