Make it Your Own with the TaylorMade MySpider Tour Putter

TaylorMade has long been a staple in the leading brand names of golf clubs, equipment, and accessories. As they continue to develop more and more products they grasp amongst the elite, strengthens. The MySpider Tour Putter is no different. This putter is proven to deliver first-class performance to every golfer. Yes, even with your embarrassingly poor short game.

taylormade shaft putter

With perimeter weighting for added stability and performance and the awesome ability to customize to your liking, the MySpider Tour Putter gives a boost of personality to help golfers regain their confidence and drain more putts when it matters most.

golf tour face putter

With complete personalization options, you can change the color of the shaft, sightline, and the face of your MySpider Tour Putter. TaylorMade gives purchasers a wide variety of colors and other customization options to choose from to ensure that no two putters on the course look alike.

myspider golf tour flex groove putter

Aside from the added performance and increased customization options, this putter just looks cool as hell. With a weighted and asymmetrical shaft extending into a contemporary and exquisitely designed head, your game won’t just improve on the scorecard, but your style will too.

Check it out

spider tour putter

taylormade myspider bag

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