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Maybe Don’t Take the $1,000 Prada Basketball to the Court

Chances are, if you’re buying a basketball you’re going to be on the prowl for a game. However, there’s one ball that you’re not going to want to use for a pick-up game out on the street or even at the park. In fact, you probably won’t even want to play with this ball on an indoor court, or any court. This is a ball that you’ll put up on a shelf, despite it coming with its own transportation harness. Famed fashion house Prada has created a basketball as an accessory to accent your outfit, and it will cost you USD$660 (AUD$1,030) to get one.

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Prada basketball side

Image: Prada

The Prada basketball comes in black rubber with white details. Prada’s inverted triangle label is displayed proudly on the ball where it’s sure to catch everyone’s eye. The carrying harness features black leather accents and a metal buckle branded with Prada’s logo. The ball may be a slam dunk for basketball fans looking to score some style points, but you’re not going to want to try and put this ball through the hoop.

The Prada Basketball continues the brand’s adventure into slapping its logo onto just about anything you can think of. Previously, the inverted triangle appeared on skis and skiwear, as well as on Frisbees and even dog accessories. You could also find it on a porcelain set, scarves, slippers, earrings, and a wicker picnic basket with bottles, cutlery, and boxes. For their winter season, Prada turned their attention to games and other activities, dressing up a selection of favorite games like Mahjong, chess, knots and crosses, and backgammon. Prada also took a stab at more active games, like table tennis racquets with matching balls, a rugby ball, a volleyball, and a skateboard. It only makes sense that they would add a basketball to the line up.

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Prada basketball back

Image: Prada

Prada basketball top

Image: Prada


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