Paramedics Called as Maradona’s World Cup Antics Get the Best of Him

If anything can be said for Diego Maradona it’s that he doesn’t do anything by halves. The 57-year old’s antics haven’t gone unnoticed at the World Cup in Russia. With an event like the World Cup only coming around every four years, Maradona’s unabashed passion is a little more acceptable. To be fair, Maradona could commit blue murder and Argentinians around the world will continue to worship the football legend.

maradona flips nigerian fans the bird

A late goal by Marcos Rojo sealed a pool victory for Argentina but that wasn’t the end of the drama. An ecstatic Maradona can be seen manically celebrating from the balcony of his box. After flipping the bird to the opposition’s supporters, the whole ordeal seemed to be all too much for old Diego.

The post-match footage below is of Maradona being helped inside by friends before needing to be attended to by Russian paramedics.

We’ve all been there before, a little too much hullabaloo and a little too much white wine. But when you’re a national hero and have the eyes of the world on you, it’s understandable the paramedics being called as a precaution. Nevertheless, Maradona was pictured just hours after the incident celebrating the victory on a private jet from St Petersburg to Moscow.

As long as Argentina are in the World Cup we’re sure we will be seeing a lot more of Maradona and his shenanigans. Argentina will face France in the round of 16 on Sunday at 12:00am AEST.

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