Ride Free Part 1: Shredding the Moon Chronicles Free Riding

Alta Motors has put out their Ride Free series. Part 1, title “Shredding the Moon”, took Darryn Durham, Tyler Bereman, and Dustin Nowack to Swing Arm City in the Captiol Reef recreation area in Utah. The area is rated as easy to extreme in difficulty, but these riders made it all look incredible.

The setting is a moto rider’s dream, with plenty of flat areas for hitting higher speeds, but also more than enough natural ramps, bowls, and jumps to keep you entertained. The video highlights the beauty of Swing Arm city as you watch these incredible riders do what they do best.

Motocross racing is already spectacular with its incredible jumps, but it’s made even more so when you remove the manicured and engineered tracks out of it. Watching riders take a 100-foot blind jump—meaning they can’t even see the landing, much less know what it will be like—is death defying. Giant climbs up the steep banks also highlighted the incredible control these riders have.

It’s refreshing to see sports highlighted in films that are masterfully shot as well. The film crew was able to pick up a good mix of being right in the middle of the action, but also having some distance shots. The blend of perspectives brings to life just how epic the tricks and terrain are. Even people who aren’t moto riders or fans will be able to appreciate the high quality production.

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