Screw the Barrel, Let’s Take a Golf Ball Over Niagara Falls

Maurice Allen took on Niagara Falls—but not in a barrel, like so many have. Rather, Allen tried to drive a golf ball over the impressive water site as a part of Skratch TV’s three-part series “Is It Driveable” presented by Avis. It took four attempts, but the Volvik World Long Drive Champion hit a ball across the expanse.

A professional long drive competitor, Allen hails from Pine Hills, Florida. A graduate of Florida A&M, Allen has a degree in Biology. After becoming a chiropractor, he moved to Atlanta, where he found the game of golf. Allen has competed in long drive competitions since 2011. In 2015, he captured the Sweden LDET, Belgium LDET, and Italy LDET titles.

That year he tied for ninth in the World Long Drive competition. In 2018, he claimed the Volvik Long Drive European Tour championship by maintaining his number 1 position throughout all nine championships.

Allen is already on the books as far as records go. He holds the Guinness World Record for Golf Ball Speed at 211 miles per hour. His longest drive in competition is 459 yards. Standing on the Canadian side of Niagara, the 342 yards shouldn’t have seemed too intimidating, but the heavy fog and moisture were a major obstacle to the feat.

The shot seemed so difficult, in fact, that Allen didn’t think he had made it, saying, “Nope, wind pushed it down.” Still, Allen was able to clear the gap with 15 yards to spare.

The three-part series chronicled Allen’s work to complete the feat that John Daly had failed to do in 2005. It wasn’t an easy accomplishment. To put it in context, the longest carry of the 2017-2018 PGA TOUR Season was 342 yards, done by Rory McIlroy—and that was on a beautiful day with perfect conditions. Allen matched the distance without being able to clearly see the ball’s destination.

As Allen put it, “It’s driveable, baby.”

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