Sean Woolsey Makes Ping Pong an Outdoor Sport

The Woolsey Outdoor Ping Pong Table looks like it belongs in an executive boardroom. Of course, using the ping pong table as a dining room or conference table is one of its suggested uses. And it’s classy enough to do so, even if that’s not it’s main purpose.

sean woolsey ping pong table measure

The table measures 108” x 60” x 30” tall—International Table Tennis Federation regulation size for a ping pong table. Built from a core of Russian Birch, the table is safe to be outside. Because Woolsey used High-Pressure Laminate (HPL), the table is moisture resistant and solid. And birch plywood is known to be void free. All of that means that you can leave it outside without having to worry about rotting or warping. The HPL features Wilson Art’s new AEON technology, making the table more scratch and scuff resistant. The base is a metalized steel, meaning it has been sandblasted, sealed with zinc, and then poweder coated, so corrosion and rust are off the list of worries too.

sean woolsey ping pong burmese teak and maple

Setting up the table for ping pong is simple. Just attach the metal net (it’s made of the same material as the base). The table comes with everything you need for a ping pong match, but here, too, things have been gentrified. The two paddles are custom made of Burmese teak and maple, and the balls are 3 star Japanese.

As a dining or conference room table, or as an outdoor ping pong table, Wolsey’s Outdoor Ping Pong Table looks great.

Check it out

sean woolsey ping pong women playing under tree

women playing sean woolsey ping pong

rackets and ball on sean woolsey ping pong

side shape of sean woolsey ping pong

sean woolsey ping pong net

sean woolsey ping pong two parts

sean woolsey ping pong top

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