The T3 Boxing Gloves from Hayabusa are a Knock Out

Love to beat the ever-living crap out of things and want to know the best gloves to use? Look no further. ‘Hayabusa’ is the Japanese word for Peregrine Falcon, a ferociously fast and accurate predator, and is the befitting moniker for these T3 boxing gloves, which are guaranteed to give you the fighting edge over whoever your unlucky opponent is – punching bag or Filipino congressman.

t3 boxing gloves hayabusa black

Made with premium materials, the T3 requires no break-in period, an ergonomic thumb and hand position, an inner foam complex that absorbs energy and guarantees the best performance for all types of training. They also feature a nifty closure which maximises wrist support for the user, allowing you to towel some poor bastard up without the risk of sprain or injury in the process. Well, for you at least.

Available in red, blue and grey, there’s a pair for every self-respecting Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield and Drederick Tatum out there.

Check it out

wearing hand t3 boxing gloves hayabusa

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