Take Home the adidas 2018 FIFA World Cup Game Ball Today

Every four years, when the World Cup Occurs along with the competition and comradery comes amazing marketing and promotional opportunities. One of the most popular? The selling of the Official Game Bay.

Cup after cup this is a popular item as it not only looks different, it PLAYS different. That means that each purchaser gets to take home a little piece of the Cup and in their house they’ll possess an exact replica of the game piece that brought their team ultimate happiness or inconsolable despair.

The 2018 edition of the FIFA World Cup Game Ball pays homage to the host nation of this miraculous event. The design of the ball draws direct inspiration from Russia’s urban landscapes. The pixelated graphics mimic the while-being-kicked appearance of a former World Cup Ball, also from Russia in the 1970. Just as 5 decades ago, this ball is instantly iconic and one of the best iterations in recent years.

The thermally bonded ball has an entirely seamless surface that yield pinpoint absorption. What’s more? This is certainly a ball of the future. This is the first FIFA Official World Cup Game Ball to have an NFC chip embedded within it, allowing spectators and purchasers alike to unlock exclusive content on mobile devices.

Sometimes when game-matchign balls and equipment lines the shelves of stores it seems like a cash grab. This piece has a different feeling to it. Offering more than just a ball, and packaging it all so beautifully, adidas delivers an outstanding product for a reason price for die-hard football fans.

Check it out

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