Take On Casino Royale With Phil Ivey’s Poker Masterclass

Move over James Bond and meet Ivey, Phil Ivey. Winner of 59 money finishes in the World Series of Poker, Phil Ivey is opening up his mind in a 12-part Masterclass on Poker. Taking you through everything there is to know about strategy from the flop to the river, this Masterclass will have you taking on Casino Royale.

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For A$280 you could be on your way to becoming the next Rain Man with this Masterclass on Poker from Phil Ivey. At age 38, he became the youngest player to ever win 10 World Series of Poker bracelets. Widely regarded as the world’s best all-around poker player, this is the man you want teaching the class.

Clocking in at 3 and a half hours, Phil Ivey’s Poker Masterclass you will be given unrivalled access not only into world-renowned poker strategy but unprecedented insight into the mental game that has won Phil more than US$26 million in live tournament earnings.

Coming “from a generation where the good players knew that talking about was a big no, no,” Phil is now sharing the “keys for success.”

Part 1 will introduce Phil Ivey, your Masterclass teacher, before diving into the game of Texas Hold’Em. Beginning with Preflop and Blind defence, before diving into betting, bluffing and whether or not to go All-In. Plus in a bonus episode, you’ll learn the tactics behind another variant of Poker. An extra course designed to improve a players ability to capitalise on soft opportunities.

Jump on over to Masterclass’s website and learn the keys to poker success with Phil Ivey today so maybe even you can put on a World Series of Poker bracelet. Or just beat your mates, whatever takes your fancy.

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