TaylorMade Teams with Tiger Woods on P7TW Irons

Back in 1992, Gatorade put out a commercial inviting people everywhere to “Be Like Mike.” The commercial features youth of all ages trying to be like Michael Jordan. TaylorMade may not know much about basketball, but they do know a lot about golf, and their new clubs could easily invite you to “Be Like Tiger.”

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TaylorMade’s P7TW Irons started out as being custom made clubs for golf champion Tiger Woods. The idea was simple, but the execution—not so much. Matt Bovee, TaylorMade’s senior manager for irons, explains, “When we first set out to do these irons, we maybe underestimated how much of a challenge it was going to be. It’s a blade, fairly simple forged construction. We’re going to measure this, get all the CG properties in the right spot, and we should be good to go.”

Tiger Woods

But you don’t become a professional like Tiger and not be tuned into the details. Bovee continues, “Something just felt off to him. If you were to measure this club in a lab, it would tell you this is the same club. It’s identical. But 10 out of 10 times, Tiger came back and told us, ‘Nope, this one is different than that one.’”

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That focus on detail created a set of irons that are made specifically to match Tiger’s style of play—and you can benefit from all that work. The clubs, which include the 3 iron through pitching wedge, will be available May 1, and are priced at USD$2,000.

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