Titleist Forges New Irons with the T-Series Golf Clubs

Eleven years ago, Titleist introduced their AP irons, and they haven’t revisited irons since. Until now. The Titleist T-series golf clubs are a ground-breaking new club for the company thanks to their use of multiple materials and a thinner face construction. These changes all revolve around meeting a player’s needs—whether those trying to qualify for tour cards, or those who just want to improve their game.

“There are three key elements to hitting a great iron shot: distance, dispersion, and angle of descent,” explains Marni Ines, the director of Titleist irons development. “T-series technology helps players carry the ball longer and hit their number more consistently, even when they don’t make a perfect strike. Dispersion is tighter, so the ball stays on target. And trajectory is optimized, so the ball not only lands on the green, but stays there. Length means nothing if you don’t have control.”

Titleist Golf Clubs series

The T-series comes in three designs, each meant for a specific purpose. The T-100 has a forged dual-cavity design that answers the request for shape, feel and control. The T-200 is meant for distance, while the T-300 focuses on ball speed. The idea for a thinner face actually came from Titleist’s golf ball division. To get that distance, the T-200 and the T-300 use a design that consists of a sphere made of a lightweight silicone polymer that is set directly behind the impact area of the club’s face, which is only 2mm thick. The sphere “spreads speed across the face and allows us to get the faces thin but still produce consistency,” states Ines. “This material gives us a better feel than a typical polymer.” This innovative approach is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the improvements of the T-series irons.

Titleist Golf Clubs T-Series

You can set up a fitting for a set of the T-series irons now. The clubs will be arriving at retail locations starting August 30. The T-100 and the T-200 will retail for $175 a club in steel and $188 in graphite; the T-300, $125 for steel and $138 for graphite.

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