Unleash Beer Pong + Golf at Your Next BBQ!

Two of your favourite drinking games have been combined into one neat package. OK. So golf’s technically not a drinking game, but when was the last time you played it completely sober? An American start-up had the brilliant idea to combine beer pong and golf into one awesome board that seems like such an obvious idea you’ll be kicking yourself for not thinking of it first. Beer Pong + Golf is about practicing your short game and making opponents drink. It’s played by standard beer pong rules although there’s no defense this time around.

beer pong + golf hole washer toss board

Each board is covered in high-quality turf with design strips along the sides making for the perfect place to add decals, stickers, and logos for branding. Each board has 10 holes that will fit any standard plastic cup, and the T-Shape leg folds under for easy storage. The mats are made of high-quality artificial turf attached to heavy rubber for little to no movement when you hit the ball, allowing you to play on virtually any surface. The balls are made of high-quality plastic, so there’s no fear of breaking windows once you’ve sunk a dozen or so beers.

beer pong + golf bat and ball

Beer Pong + Golf is currently available through Kickstarter with prices starting from US $89. At this stage, shipping is only available within the US. You can always wait and see if global shipping options are added or just import one yourself. We need one right now!

Check it out

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