Unleash Your Inner-Ninja at Sky Zone’s Enduro Warrior Course

Though seldom does such an opportunity present itself, the chance to look like an absolute hero amongst your peers is an undeniably attractive prospect.

And in a world where safety is key, and we protect the human race’s lowest common denominators from just about everything potentially harmful, such opportunities present themselves in fewer and fewer numbers.

But then there’s Sky Zone Alexandria: a veritable wonderland of anti-gravity shenanigans, where the notion of doing a backflip and landing perfectly on your feet is in no way far-fetched or unfeasible; in fact, it’s celebrated.

inner ninja enduro women

Housed in one of Alexandria’s many industrial complexes, Sky Zone is a favourite amongst any and all who have kids come school holidays, though there’s one new attraction that’s got as many adults on board with the action.

The Enduro Warrior course is, in essence, a miniature version of the Ninja Warrior course that we’ve all thought we’d be heaps good at every time that show comes on the telly, though would probably never properly attempt for fear of tearing something with a name like “ACL”, whatever that is.

inner ninja enduro men static trapeze

With some parts of the three laneways available clearly aimed at being kid-friendly, other parts are clearly not, like inclined monkey bars that require more upper-body strength that this writer could muster. There’s also a cool trapeze section that, when used properly will have you clapped and cheered on by all who could see, or, when you land on your head, will have you seeing your chiropractor.

inner ninja enduro net

When it comes to finding cool shit to do during the holidays that kids will love, there’s often a compromise involved that said shit will be mind-numbing for adults: be it parent or au pair. But Sky Zone’s Enduro Warrior Course is actually fun–if not potentially embarrassing–for the whole family, and given that it actually involves a bit of physical activity for all, we think it’s one of the better reasons to get out of the house when you’re all next sitting around twiddling your thumbs, or the colouring books have run out.

Sky Zone Alexandria