Warnie’s Kids Star in Ad for Kayo Sports Ahead of ICC Cricket World Cup

When you’re the child of one of Australia’s most recognisable faces, you get the inescapable annoyance of seeing your parent’s face everywhere you look, as well as probably looking a bit like them too. For Brooke and Jackson Warne, both of these things are true, and when the ICC Cricket World Cup is on, their ubiquitous father Shane is hard to avoid.

Making his directorial debut, Shane Warne himself has created this ad for streaming service Kayo Sports, starring his two adult children Jackson and Brooke, who bicker about not inheriting their dad’s looks when they both very clearly have.

Warnie, one of the greatest cricketers to ever come to the crease, famed for his spin-bowling antics that kept England on the backfoot for years (or, if you prefer, centuries), is a familiar face to fans when the season rolls around, now working as a commentator, as well as several other professional commitments that see his face plastered all over town for months at a time.

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